Diet Tips

Is Drinking Bad for Your Immune System?

Your nightly glass of chardonnay is good for your heart and brain, but what is it doing to your body’s first line of defense?

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8 “Unhealthy” Foods Nutritionists Eat Every Week

Even dietitians will ignore their own advice and chow down on their favorite treats—and with their tips, you can too!

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3 Surprising Foods to Boost Your Energy

Put down the coffee. When you’re dragging, reach for these delicious eats that boost brain function and improve creativity.

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The Next Wave of Cleanses

The latest juice programs claim to improve workouts, make skin glow, and more—but do these bottles offer any real benefits?

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Your Spring Clean Eating Guide

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Are You Getting Enough Nutrients from Your Diet?

4 painless and easy tests can help determine if your body is begging for more key vitamins and minerals.

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Crucial Carbs for Your Best Bikini Body

Not all carbs are evil. You just have to choose the right ones to fight disease, shrink your waist, and lose weight.

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Superfoods Showdown

How do exotic-sounding camu, maqui, and lucuma powders rate versus everyday powerhouses like blueberries and almonds?

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