Diet Tips
Trick Your Mind Into Eating Healthier This Season

Don't waste your willpower resisting holiday cookies! Shift your mindset with this one tip that will actually make you want more nutritious options.

Signs Your Diet Needs a Makeover

Most people believe their diet is A-OK. Most people are wrong.

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Why You Should Eat "Ugly" Produce

Believe it or not, these not-so-gorgeous fruits and vegetables offer more nutritional benefits than their prettier peers.

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10 Fattiest Foods in America

Scary news: Some of your favorite restaurant meals are serving up three times the amount of fat you should have in a day!

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What All Good Diets Have in Common

Veganism, paleo, low-carb, and vegetarianism are more alike than you think.

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Should I Eat More Polyunsaturated Fat?

While you know by now that fats aren't evil (we hope!), find out exactly how much of each kind you should include in your diet.

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6 Foods That Are Off-Limits During Pregnancy

Second-guessing what's safe to eat? Here, five surprising foods to avoid while expecting.

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Are Gluten-Free Diets Packed with Arsenic?

New research suggests that if you skip gluten, you may be loading up on a toxic substance instead. Our resident nutrition expert irons out the details.

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Confessions of a Snack-a-Holic: How I Broke My Habit

Shape's Nutrition Editor spills about her munching habit—and shares her secrets on how she reined it in.

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