Diet Tips
New FDA Ruling Requires More Establishments to List Calorie Counts

The new mandate makes it easier to stick to healthy choices when eating at chain restaurants, convenience stores, movie theaters, and more.

4 Common Vegetarian Nutrition Deficiencies

Swearing off meat can be healthy, but are you getting enough of the nutrients you need?

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12 Ways to Decode a Restaurant Menu

Experts share how to read between the lines to distinguish the good, the bad, and completely unhealthy items at a restaurant.

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The No. 1 Reason to Cook Dinner Tonight

The healthy effects of home cooked meals linger longer than we ever thought, says new research.

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This Is What 200 Calories Really Look Like

The new app Calorific makes healthy eating easier by showing you what 200 calories really look like in your favorite foods.

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15 Off-Menu Healthy Meals You Can Always Order

Your cheat sheet for dining out and still losing weight!

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7 Brain Foods to Eat Everyday

Add these good-for-you items to your shopping list today.

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How Counting Calories Messes with Your Mind

What happens in your brain when you see nutrition information on a menu? We dig in.

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The Trap of Trendy Food

From cupcakes to macarons to the Dunkin' Donuts Croissant donut, here's how to not fall under the sugary spell of these unhealthy, yet trendy treats.

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