Healthy Drinks

The Case for Energy Drinks

Despite all the negatives you’ve heard, there is a time and place for having a can of caffeine.

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Surprising Things You Never Knew About Kale

You eat kale chips, drink green juice, and add the leafy green to your daily smoothie, but how much do you really know about it?

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Bikini-Friendly Beers

The best low-cal brews to feel (and look) amazing in your 2-piece.

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Sunrise Smoothie

Thick and fruity, this layered tropical beverage is also fun to drink as you work your way up from the mango-pineapple bottom to the strawberry-banana top.

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10 Refreshing Low-Calorie Summer Spritzers

The perfect bubbly cocktails for every hot-weather occasion that are easy to make yet still bursting with flavor.

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Liberty Lemon Fizz

This sweet yet tangy drink proves that lemon and basil isn’t just for chicken for pasta.

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Nothing says summer like a ripe, juicy peach—or this toast-worthy drink with the same sweet flavors.

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Pomegranate Refresher

It doesn’t get easier than this two-ingredient cocktail. Add mint for a contrast in color and flavor.

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