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Edible Flowers Are the New Juicing Craze

Women can not live on kale alone.

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Is Yerba Mate the New "It" Superfood?

The latest food trend claims to speed up your metabolism, aid digestion, and boost your energy even more than your trusted cup of coffee can.

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10 Juice Recipes that Get You Tipsy

Kale as a cocktail mixer? Yes, please!

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DRINKSrecipe gallery
The Lazy Gal's Guide to Cocktails

Skip the muddling, pureeing, pickling, steeping, and slicing with these go-to cocktails that use three ingredients or less.

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10 Sparkling Drinks Way Better Than Soda

Kick your Diet Coke habit with refreshing, fruity, and, most importantly, all-natural spritzers way tastier than soda.

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Cold-Brew Coffee Is Officially Mainstream

As of today, you can get cold-brew from your local Starbucks. Should you ditch your iced coffee for this alternative?

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Kale Juice Cocktail

Get tipsy on the ginger beer and vodka hiding in this fruit- and veggie-packed kale juice.

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Pineapple Kale Basil Juice Cocktail

For a (literally) fresh take on happy hour, spike your vitamin-packed green juice with a shot of whiskey.

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Thyme-Infused Alcoholic Green Juice

Trust us when we say this cocktail—made with a Brazilian spirit called Avua Cachaça—is just as fun (and tasty!) as it sounds.

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