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5) Hemp Milk
(110 calories, 7g fat per 8 ounces)
Good choice if: You're iron deficient Made by blending hemp seeds and water, groovy hemp milk is rich and creamy with an unmistakable nutty flavor. This drink has more superstar omega-3 fatty acids than other non-dairy milks, and it's a great source of iron, which is totally absent in cow milk. Pennsylvania State University scientists found that iron deficiency can impair cognitive functioning in women—no surprise, since it's necessary for delivering oxygen to brain cells. Choose unsweetened hemp milk to avoid too many added sugars.

6) Almond Milk
(70 calories, 2.5g fat per 8 ounces)
Good choice if: You're vegan, allergic to soy or lactose intolerant
Almond milk has a creamy consistency similar to soy milk and a slight nutty taste that works well in smoothies. It's lactose-free and full of heart healthy flavonoids that can help lower cholesterol. An 8-ounce serving of this nut milk provides up to half of your daily requirement of vitamin E, the nutrient that promotes healthy skin. But with only 1 to 2 grams of protein per cup compared to 8 grams in cow milk, almond milk is no protein powerhouse.

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