5 Reasons to Drink More Tea

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Green tea

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Green tea

Anybody for a cup of tea? It could do wonders for your health! Research has shown that the ancient elixir could do more than warm our bodies. The antioxidant polyphenols in tea, called catechins, have been linked with anti-cancer activity, and certain teas, such as green tea, are also known to have heart benefits, according to the Mayo Clinic.

However, it's important to note that much more research is needed before it can be said that drinking tea can cure you of any disease. "There are pearls of real promise here, but they have yet to be strung," Dr. David Katz, HuffPost blogger and director of Yale University's Prevention Research Center says. "We don't have clinical trials in human patients showing that adding tea to one's routine changes health outcomes for the better."

But there is some evidence of the potential ways tea can improve health (it may help prevent weight gain). And not only have scientists been honing in on how it affects our bodies when we drink it, they have also been finding it may have uses in medicines to fight certain diseases, such as cancer. Turn to the next page for more ways the tea-health link is being studied:

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