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Unique (And Healthy!) Mimosas You Can Drink All Day Long

#MimosaMonday, Anyone?

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Though you might think of mimosas as a strictly weekend brunch cocktail, we have the perfect excuse to make #MimosaMonday a real thing: This year, National Mimosa Day falls on a Monday. We'll take that as an excuse to cheers! (Psst... Here's How to Open Champagne Like a Pro.)

A true mimosa is made of equal parts cirtus juice (usually orange) and champagne, but we've taken the liberty of gathering a bunch of unique mimosa recipes that meet the general criteria of being bubbly, fruity, and perfect for sipping all day long. Go ahead—pop that bottle!

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Tequila Sunrise Mimosas

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If you want a brunch cocktail with an extra kick, these Tequila Sunrise Mimosas will do the trick. Using just tequila, orange juice, grenadine, and champagne, you can have a boozy mimosa upgrade ready in just minutes. (Then try these other creative tequila drinks to keep your buzz going.)

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Strawberry Crush Mimosas

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This Strawberry Crush Mimosa recipe has a healthy twist—it's made with a pre-bottled berry smoothie. Just mix with sparkling wine and garnish with strawberries for the easiest (and healthiest) mimosa ever.

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IPA Mimosa

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Here's a mimosa you've definitely never tried. The IPA Mimosa swaps champagne and OJ for a citrus-y IPA and grapefruit juice. (If you love this one, try these other "beertails" that trade liquors for lagers.)

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Mimosa Floats

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If you thought OJ and champagne were a winning combo, just wait until you add ice cream. Yep, you read that right. To make a Mimosa Float, just add a scoop of vanilla ice cream (or even fruit sorbet) to turn your average mimosa into a creamy treat that goes from brunch to dessert.

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Mimosa Margarita

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If the Tequila Sunrise Mimosa isn't your thing, try adding tequila to your morning with Mimosa Margaritas. It's totally possible to make margs perfect for breakfast by combing tequila, lime juice, and triple sec with OJ and champagne.

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Blood Orange Mimosa

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This Blood Orange Mimosa is an easy upgrade from regular OJ, and adds a more intense orange flavor. Though this recipe includes a splash of tequila, skip it for a cocktail that's lower in alcohol. (Or try these other low-ABV cocktails for just the right amount of buzz.)

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Green Pear Mimosa

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Swap citrus juice for another fruit. The secret to this Green Pear Mimosa is filling the flute three-quarters of the way with bubbly, then topping it off with pear nectar (not juice).

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Mexican Pomegranate Mimosas

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These Mexican Pomegranate Mimosas get a kick from tequila, orange, pomegranate, and lime juice. Add some sweetness with a drizzle of agave, or skip it if you're watching your sugar intake. (If you're using fresh pomegranate seeds for garnish, check out our tips on the best way to get them out.)

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Guava Mint Mimosa

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This Guava Mint Mimosa sounds uber fancy, but is a cinch to make. Combine guava juice, chopped mint, triple sec, and champagne for a cocktail that's sure to impress all brunch guests.

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Mimosa Sangria

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When you're serving a whole crew of brunchers, this Mimosa Sangria is the perfect option. Mix champagne, orange juice, peach scnapps, and fresh blueberries for a pitcher cocktail that's ready for refills on repeat. (Then check out these other unique sangria recipes to sip all summer.)

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