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10 Alcoholic Slushies to Help You Really Chill Out

These trendy frozen cocktails are so addictive and refreshing, your Memorial Day weekend guests will be begging you to host every summer cookout.

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Frozen Peach Passion

Bright orange, boozy, and a breeze to make? Brilliant.

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Stars and Stripes Spiced Ice

Sweet vanilla and basil contrast with spicy bourbon for a nice change from fruity drinks.

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American Honey Slushy

With berries, peaches, and pineapple, this is like a frosty liquid summer fruit salad with a touch of honey.

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Black Strawberry Bliss

Black pepper seems odd with sweet berries, but the contrast is delightful, especially with summery basil.

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The Rockefeller

This version of the Manhattan is named after the most famous ice on the island. The time it takes to infuse the whiskey is totally worth the sweet cherry flavor.

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Life’s a Peach

This Caribbean-esque cocktail will make you feel like you’re “on island time.” Relax.

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Frozen Skinny Margarita

You can never go wrong with a frozen strawberry marg, and this one isn’t that bad for you! Serve in a hollowed out pineapple, if desired.

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Whiskey Slushy

Coconut water manages to make this frozen berry and mango treat even more refreshing.

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