Healthy Recipes

This Carrot Pasta Will Blow Your Mind (and Taste Buds)

Using carrots instead of noodles doesn’t only cut carbs and look beautiful, it also makes for a dinner with layers of enticing flavors.

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Carrot Ribbons with Sweet Tomatoes

Summery, refreshing, and light, this dish also works well when you substitute various colors of carrot, golden beets, or other root vegetables.

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Dark Chocolate Chia Smoothie

Incredibly indulgent yet health-boosting, this blend contains a host of nutrients from cocoa, kale, and chia seeds.

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4 Easy Gourmet Twists on Classic Bruschetta

Steal these ideas from a top Italian chef and take your app to the next level with new combinations you can put together in a flash.

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Soothe Your Skin with This Raspberry Beauty Elixir

A delicious snack or dessert, this smoothie boasts anti-aging ingredients and proves beauty truly begins from the inside out.

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Raspberry Beauty Elixir

Blend up this delicious concoction packed with skin-brightening nutrients on your next spa day.

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Cleansing Cucumber Dill Soup

This refreshing, chilled soup makes a spa-like meal you can whip up in mere minutes.

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Quick Cleansing Cucumber Dill Soup

Light and refreshing yet satisfyingly creamy, this soup takes minutes to whip up in your blender.

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