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The 10 Most Tweeted Thanksgiving Foods


Have you ever sat around on Thanksgiving and wondered, "Does anyone else actually eat this?" Sure, the traditional Thanksgiving meal may consist of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries, and maybe a green vegetable—but family traditions (and ethnic diversity) have led to a melting pot of options. (Anyone else eating ambrosia!?) That's why Twitter sought to find out what the most tweeted foods were for last year's Turkey Day. Check out the top 10 below—and see our recipes for a healthy Thanksgiving this year.

1. Ham: Glazed ham tastes sweet and tangy with the help of orange juice in this recipe.

2. Pie: Sweet potato pie with whipped topping tastes decadent, but is slimmed down with egg substitute and minimal sugar.

3. Turkey: Day-old turkey is almost better than a freshly cooked roast. Repurpose leftovers with turkey tacos with cranberry salsa.

4. Hot Chocolate: You'll never guess the ingredient that makes this spicy hot chocolate recipe so creamy!

5. Fudge: An unexpected icy treat like these chocolate kale fudge pops will surprise guests.

6. Gravy: Anything on a holiday plate can be lightened up, and gravy is no excuse!

7. Stuffing: A rustic, hearty loaf of bread is the key to making this multigrain stuffing with apples and currants.

8. Mashed Potatoes: Mashed roasted sweet potatoes are our favorite way to sneak in a healthy starch!

9. Eggnog: This cocktail can actually pack a dose of protein with our recipe for the ultimate eggnog.

10. Latkes: Latkes nabbed spot #10 due to Hanukkah falling early last year, but we're thinking they probably pair well with turkey. Our high fiber version is the key to healthier latkes.


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