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Too often the baked potato is the dumpy sidekick for a meal, hastily blanketed in butter and sour cream, when in fact the humble tater is a blank canvas ready to transform leftovers and kitchen staples into a filling, healthy dish. And let’s not forget that it takes zero cooking skills and virtually no time.

Grab a white or sweet potato, add one of these protein, veggie, and flavor-booster mixes, and dig into some spotlight-worthy spuds.

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Stuffed Chicken Potato
Potato + shredded chicken + baby spinach + goat cheese

20 Loaded Baked Potato Meals-2

Cheese and Wine Potato
Sweet potato + roasted grapes + blue cheese

Kale Salad Potato
Potato + sautéed kale + feta + pecans

Little Italy Potato
Potato + crumbled hot Italian sausage + tomato sauce

20 Loaded Baked Potato Meals-3

Hummus-Tapenade Potato
Sweet potato + hummus + olives + feta [Tweet this meal idea!]

Fajita Potato
Potato + cooked ground beef + broiled onion and bell pepper slices

Chesapeake Potato
Potato + crab meat + Old Bay + parsley

Sweet Chili Bowl Potato
Sweet potato + vegetarian chili + low fat yogurt + chives

20 Loaded Baked Potato Meals-5

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