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Clean Green Drinks with Candice Kumai

James Dimmock

In our new installment of The Chic Kitchen video series, Shape's food editor-at-large, chef, and author Candice Kumai will show you how to transform your body and boost your health with the push of a button. Her new book, Clean Green Drinks, features hundreds of simple juice and smoothie recipes that are packed with nutrients and bursting with fresh flavor.

While touting a green juice has become somewhat of a status symbol, research shows that consuming fresh more produce and nutritious whole foods is one of the most realistic ways to achieve and maintain a healthy weight—and guess what? Your blender is the easiest way to do so. The best news is that you don't need to spend $10 on a bottle of liquid greens to reap these benefits. Check out the videos below to learn how to slim down, shape up, and improve your health in your very own kitchen.