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10 Sandwiches Under 300 Calories

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10 Healthy Recipes Using Greek Yogurt

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10 Healthy Fall Cookies

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7 Satisfying Low-Cal Vegan Lunches

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The Ultimate Guide to DIY Salad Dressing

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Cheese-Free Pizza So Good You Won't Miss the Cheese

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15 Scrumptious Chocolate Desserts for Valentine's Day

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8 Make-and-Take Mason Jar Breakfasts for Busy A.M.s

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20 Warming Winter Salads

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15 Vegetarian Recipes So Good You Won't Even Miss Meat

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Eat Dessert for Breakfast

These healthy breakfast cookies are good any time of day.

What Does 100 Calories Really Look Like?

From chocolate and chewy candy cravings, to salty and crunchy snacking, see how much (or how little) of your go-to snacks you can eat for only 100 calories.

Change Up Your Hummus!

Whip up this healthy recipe that uses beets and white beans.

Shape's Blind Taste Test--The Holiday Edition!

Can Shape health and fitness experts tell the difference?

An Impressive Date-Night Dinner

These sea scallops in citrus-soy brown butter sauce make a quick yet mouthwatering dinner for 2.