How I Make it Easy: My Raw Food Diet

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How I Make it Easy: My Raw Food Diet

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How I Make it Easy: My Raw Food Diet

Judy's Top 5 Tips for Raw Foodism
• Go all the way (or not at all)
"I'm even more of a purist than many raw food chefs. I believe that if you're going to do it, you might as well do it all the way. I look for the purest ingredients.

• Don't be fooled by raw food imposters
The USDA banned the sale of unpasteurized almonds in 2007, and you can only get them from certain places now. Stores are allowed to call them raw even when they've been pasteurized, and that really freaks me out."

• Depend on your dehydrator
"Many raw food recipes call for coconut, but most coconut that you buy has probably been heated at a higher temperature than the cutoff [118 degrees]. I put cut-up coconut in the food processor and then in the dehydrator at around 95 degrees and use that instead."

• Let the sun dry your fruit
"I look for sun-dried fruit because other types are likely dried at 118 degrees or higher."

• Get creative in the kitchen
"If you're creative, you can make anything. I make an incredible raw vegan chocolate ice cream. I serve it to my friends and they love it. They say I should make it a commercial product...but the business part of my brain is missing."

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