Joshua is SHAPE's New Hot, Healthy Bartender!

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SHAPE's Hot Healthy Bartender

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Joshua is SHAPE's New Hot, Healthy Bartender! -2

Congratulations to our first Hot, Healthy Bartender, Joshua! See what this cocktail-mixing cutie does when he's not behind the bar and check back for more healthy cocktail recipes from Joshua.

Joshua Brandenburg
Forty Four at the Royalton, NY | Born Feb. 18, 1981 | Aquarius

Boxers or briefs: Boxer briefs.

Best pickup line heard behind the bar: Honestly, there's no such thing as a good pickup line.

Dating deal breaker: A woman who doesn't like kids or cares too much about money.

Biggest turn-on: A woman who is confident and not afraid to make the first move. I like girls who show interest so I don't have to sit there guessing.

Backup career to hot bartender: If I knew the answer, I'd probably be doing that. Eventually, I want to teach martial arts to children.

Top celebs served: Brad Pitt, Victoria Beckham, Jay-Z, Spike Lee, and my favorite, Kiefer Sutherland.

Which would you rather give up for one year: sex or cell phone? Cell phone. Talking on the phone makes me anxious; my least favorite job was telemarketing. (More of Joshua's past jobs include landscaper, pool boy, church janitor, paperboy, pizza cook, pizza delivery boy, tennis racket stringer, and experimental lab rat caretaker.)

Which is better: big tip or huge compliment? Giant compliment. Tips come and go, but strangers seldom compliment one another.

Great cocktail or great workout? The workout. That's something I do almost every day. Drinking is not a big part of my life.

Would you rather make complex cocktails or serve wine and beer for the rest of your career? I'd rather be challenged. If you're not being challenged, you're not growing.

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