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Chocolate Desserts You Can Drink

Chocolate Snacks, Low Calorie Sweet Snacks, Healthy SnacksNesquik Chocolate Milk (100 calories, 2g fat per 8 oz. bottle)

Break out the bendy straw! Each bottle provides a third of your daily calcium. One healthy snack sipper said, "I liked this so much I started drinking it as an afternoon pick-me-up—just like I did after school as a kid."


Chocolate Snacks, Low Calorie Sweet Snacks, Healthy SnacksInstant Hot Chocolate (110 calories, 1.1g fat per 1 oz. envelope)

When you have a craving for warm and cozy chocolate desserts, try a mug of instant hot chocolate. A sprinkling of metabolism-revving cinnamon adds depth of flavor without adding any calories. Top it off with a tablespoon of whipped cream for 15 little calories. Even with the extra dose of creamy indulgence it's still a great low calorie sweet snack.


Chocolate Snacks, Low Calorie Sweet Snacks, Healthy SnacksStarbucks Skinny Mocha (130 Calories, 0g fat for 12 oz.)

This lighter version of the espresso beverage has about half the calories of the original but still meets 20 percent of your daily calcium needs. "The flavor is like a creamy cross between coffee and hot cocoa," said one taste tester. "I'll definitely be drinking the iced version this summer!"


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