Swimmer Janet Evans knows about the power of proper nutrition. Without the right fuel, the five-time Olympic gold medalist, who recently came out of retirement and qualified for the 2012 Olympic trials, can't perform at her best—as an athlete, mother, or businesswoman.

"As someone with a family history of heart disease, I know that it's the small things in life, like taking Metamucil to increase your fiber intake and lower your cholesterol, that really make a difference in your health," she says.

Ashley Koff, a registered dietitian who's worked with Evans, agrees. "Janet knows she needs fuel for her best athletic performance but can't afford to crash and burn when she needs to perform on the home front, so she practices some key principles of nutrition like making sure to get enough vegetables and fiber for better energy," Koff says.

To give us an idea of how an Olympic champion stays in tip-top shape, Evans agreed to snap a photo of every bite that passed her lips during one 24-hour period. Read on for an inside look at her healthy diet.


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