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Healthy Chocolate Dessert Recipes

 Stop saying no to warm, gooey chocolate desserts. You can indulge without packing on pounds. How? Low-calorie recipes that use ingredients like espresso, frozen yogurt and cocoa powder to punch up the flavor, leaving room for just enough real stuff (hello, butter and sugar!) to ensure that the results are worth every bite. These low-calorie desserts please even the most die-hard chocolate dessert fiend.


Low Calorie Recipe: Mocha Pudding Cakes
This healthy dessert tastes just like restaurant chocolate lava cake but has 75 percent fewer calories.


Low Calorie Recipe: Coconut-Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes
Using mini Bundt molds for this healthy chocolate dessert makes portion control a cinch.

Low Calorie Recipe: Orange-Chocolate Meringue Cookies
Turn this healthy chocolate dessert into a cookie sandwich by spreading chocolate between two meringues. Think you can't make meringues? It's easy with these tips.



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