Healthy Food on the Fly

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Healthy Airport Food

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Healthy Food on the Fly

Perfect Oatmeal

Mix your oats with preportioned packets of brown sugar (50 calories), dried fruit (100 calories), or nuts (100 calories).
140 calories 3 g fat

Au Bon Pain
Apple Croissant

This sweet pastry has half the calories of an apple strudel—and delivers 70 percent of your daily vitamin C needs.
280 calories 11 g fat

Dunkin' Donuts
Egg White and Turkey Sausage Flatbread

With 19 grams of protein, this hearty sandwich will keep you satisfied for hours.
280 calories 6 g fat

Panda Express
Mixed Veggies and Steamed Rice

This stir-fry contains two vegetable servings—and no MSG or trans fat.
390 calories 0.5 g fat (with 1?2 a serving of rice)


Instead of fries, opt for a side salad with lowfat balsamic vinaigrette (60 calories, 3 g fat).
250 calories 9 g fat

Baja Fresh
Ensalada with Charbroiled Chicken

Top this high-protein salad with fresh salsa verde and you'll tack on just 15 extra calories.
310 calories 7 g fat

Pizza Hut Express
Personal Pan Cheese Pizza

To keep calories in check, take half the pie to go—or toss it if you'll be tempted to eat it minutes later.
295 calories 12 g fat for 1?2 a pizza

Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant
Sesame Seared Tuna Salad

Yellowfin tuna tossed with an orange, ginger, and mustard dressing has gourmet appeal.
372 calories 18 g fat

Honey BBQ KFC Snacker

Order a side of steamed string beans (25 calories) with this sweet-spicy chicken sandwich.
210 calories 3 g fat

Hudson News
Special K Chocolate Peanut Protein Snack Bar

Unlike candy, this chocolatey treat contains fiber and 4 grams of protein.
110 calories 3.5 g fat

Hudson News
Snak Club Tropical Mix Dried Fruit

Satisfy that midday sugar craving with this fruit-and-nut combo.
120 calories 5 g fat per 1?3 bag

Hudson News
Wheat Thins

These crackers have 40 percent less fat than chips and are made with whole grains.
140 calories 6 g fat for 16 crackers
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