Host A Healthy Football Party: Best Tailgating Foods

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Host A Healthy Football Party: Best Tailgating Foods

Host A Healthy Football Party: Best Tailgating Foods-2

It's almost that time of year; fall is approaching, and you'll soon be attending weekly football parties and indulging in tailgating foods on a regular basis. And whether you're a diehard fan at the stadium each week or watching from home, you want to enjoy the game without overdoing it (16 games is enough to undo all your hard work this summer getting in bikini body shape)! That's why we've rounded up everything you need to have a fun and healthy tailgating party. If you're hosting your own or simply looking for the best tailgating foods to bring along, we've got you covered.

Host the ultimate tailgating party
Use the right stuff. The first step to a successful tailgating party is to have the proper gear. You don't want to be fumbling with wayward hotdogs and burnt buns when you're trying to get into the game. Checkout the ultimate grilling gear and cook like a pro at your next tailgating party.

Grill it right. Once you've got the gear, brush up on your barbequing skills with our quick guide on how to grill anything better. And, whether hot or cold, be sure to keep your food for the game safe to eat with these 6 rules on how to avoid food poisoning at your bbq.

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