Meal Ideas
Healthy Lunch: Lunch Ideas from Our Facebook Fans

Not sure what healthy lunch to make? Check out these lunch ideas from our Facebook fans!

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6 Best Low-Calorie Easter Candies

Indulge in these festive treats that are almost guilt-free.

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6 Best Low-Calorie Sushi Rolls

There are more calories in sushi than you thought. Try these low calorie sushi rolls for healthy options.

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9 Low Cal (Semi) Healthy Snacks for Movie Munchies

From chocolate candy to movie popcorn, learn to pick the best movie snack foods to avoid packing on pounds.

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Morning-After Meals

The best foods to eat so you can get on track post-holiday.

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Top Low Calorie Alcoholic Drink Recipes

SHAPE's Hot, Healthy Bartender shows you the best low calorie alcoholic drink recipes to stay slim (and still party) all winter long.

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Light Holiday Recipes Packed with Flavor

From rich-tasting starters to decadent desserts, these light holiday recipes are so good no one will know they're low calorie.

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Top 25 Tricks for Eating Light During the Holidays

Say yes to party food! Top 25 healthy eating tips to avoid weight gain without giving up traditional holiday food: Christmas cookies, dips, alcoholic drinks, and more.

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Thanksgiving Dinner: 6 Easy Ways to Cut Calories

Cut hundreds of calories from your meal without anyone noticing.