Meal Ideas
9 Quick and Healthy Breakfasts to Eat on the Go

Whip up a healthy morning meal in no time and enjoy it on the run.

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Stay Healthy On the Go: Healthy Snack Ideas for Traveling

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien and SHAPE blogger Renee Woodruff put together the perfect guide to snacking on the go!

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3 Tips to Lighten Any Kraft Foods Recipe

Simple ways to make your favorite comfort food healthier.

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11 Guilt-Free Italian Menu Items

What to order to enjoy Italian cooking without calorie overload.

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10 Healthy Recipes from Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien

9 fast and easy recipes from Food Network star Lisa Lillien!

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The Perfect Recipe for Every Occasion

Simple recipes for everything from a last-minute vegetarian dinner party to an energizing pre-workout breakfast.

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5 Easy Dinner Recipes that Save Time

A week's worth of meals made from just one 10-minute trip to the grocery store.

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Healthy Lunch: Lunch Ideas from Our Facebook Fans

Not sure what healthy lunch to make? Check out these lunch ideas from our Facebook fans!

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6 Best Low-Calorie Easter Candies

Indulge in these festive treats that are almost guilt-free.