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Healthy One-Pot Meals

Simplify cooking and clean up and still eat great with these only-dirty-one-dish recipes.

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10 Satisfying Soups for Weight Loss

Make hunger a non-issue and lose inches faster with these filling, slurp-worthy bowls.

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New Spins on the Breakfast Sandwich

Revamp an English muffin, egg, and cheese into a mouthwatering handheld that'll make you look forward to mornings.

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What a Yoga Instructor Eats Every Day

See what delicious bites pass Heidi Kristoffer's lips in 24 hours to fuel her body.

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VEGAN DIETslide show
20 Filling Fall Meals for Any Diet

When you need some comfort food, we’ve got you covered, whether you’re eating gluten-free, vegan, or just plain healthy.

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10 Amazing Apple Recipes for Fall

Dive into these delicious ways to savor your favorite autumn fruit, from breakfast to dessert.

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4 Healthy Recipes from Celebrity Chefs

Create gourmet meals from some of the top names in cooking in your own kitchen.

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14 Healthy Oatmeal Toppings You Need to Try

In a a breakfast slump? Mix up your morning meal with these creative combos from some of our favorite nutrition experts.

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5 No-Effort Dinners

Forget PB&J—these easy recipes are ready in a flash and make for a complete, balanced meal.

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