Healthy Eating

Study Sheds Light on Female Obesity

New research may bring us one step closer to developing the best treatment to help women successfully lose weight.

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4 Avocado Hacks You'll Love

Slash calories and fat in baked goods, creamy dishes, and frozen desserts with this vibrant green fruit.

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3 Ways to Defend Your Diet

When it comes to what you eat, everyone has an opinion. Take a cue from Candace Cameron Bure and push back against food pushers politely—but firmly.

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Should You Cut Every Ex Out of Your Life Entirely?

Zoe Saldana does, but are there times when it’s okay to be friends with a past beau?

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The Fashion Industry May Finally Be Getting Real About Body Diversity

J.C. Penney’s new mannequins and Nordstrom’s latest campaign are things we hope to see more of.

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12 Healthy Foods Men Will Never Understand

From quinoa to tofu, these nutritious nibbles have the guys in our lives shaking their heads.

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6 Common Brow Mistakes That Can Cause Harm

Learn how often you should pluck, the best products, if waxing or threading is better, and more for perfect brows.

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Paleo Fruit and Coconut Milk Chia Seed Pudding

This gorgeous breakfast parfait is easy to make and guarantees an energized start to your day.

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