Healthy Eating

You Can Train Your Brain to Prefer Healthy Foods

How? Read on to kick bad food habits to the curb—for good!

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The Sex Hormone Linked to Binge Eating

New research says a hormonal imbalance could wreak havoc on your diet.

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Is Your Diet Ready for Fall?

As the seasons change, your body changes too. Be sure you stay at the top of your game with these eating tips.

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Can You Get Your Nutrients from a Veggie Seasoning?

A new product claims to deliver 8 vegetables and 4 vitamins with a shake of a jar. What does our expert think?

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Do You Over-Pour Wine?

These surprising factors might be causing you to imbibe more than you know.

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Craving Chocolate Pudding? Eat This Instead!

If you wish there were such a thing as healthy chocolate, this exotic fruit may make your dreams come true.

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Get a Taste of a Day on a Low-Sugar Diet

Advocates of the trendy eating style share what they tend to eat in 24 hours—and it may make you ditch the sweet stuff.

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Should Emotional Abuse Be Considered a Crime?

England’s Home Secretary says yes, but others say her proposed law may cause more harm than good. One expert gives her take and whether such a law would pass here.

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