Healthy Eating
10 Healthy Recipes for Yummy Breakfast Bowls

These beautiful dishes are good for you and easy to make—a foolproof way to start your morning.

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Health Food Buzzwords That Don’t Mean Much

Marketers have been misleading consumers with these food labels.

Are You Sabotaging Your Weight-Loss Efforts?

A new study finds that you may be getting in your own way at the grocery store.

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4 in 5 Women are Deficient in This Super-Nutrient

Here's how to tell if you need more of it.

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Trend to Try: Style on the Slopes

Don't let puffy jackets and shapeless pants ruin your ski outfit! Check out these ways to hit the slopes in style.

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Food Isn't As Nutritious As It Used to Be

Vitamin and mineral levels have been declining in our foods for decades. Does that mean your fruits and vegetables aren't as healthy as you think?

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Meet the Belfie Stick!

The absurd new invention that makes it easier to take selfies of your butt.

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5 Best Fruits to Lower Cholesterol

Keep your heart healthy by snacking on this helpful produce.

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Lose the Booze for One Month

The health benefits are seriously worth it.

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