Healthy Eating
Food Isn't As Nutritious As It Used to Be

Vitamin and mineral levels have been declining in our foods for decades. Does that mean your fruits and vegetables aren't as healthy as you think?

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Meet the Belfie Stick!

The absurd new invention that makes it easier to take selfies of your butt.

5 Best Fruits to Lower Cholesterol

Keep your heart healthy by snacking on this helpful produce.

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Lose the Booze for One Month

The health benefits are seriously worth it.

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The Ultra-Healthy Diet You Need to Know About

The Nordic diet is giving the Mediterranean diet a run for its money, and you're going to want to find out why.

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7 Satisfying Low-Cal Vegan Lunches

These delicious meat, dairy, and egg-free recipes are brown-bag friendly, so you get a vegan lunch on the go!

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Dodge This Sneaky Winter Workout Danger

When it's cold, you may drink less water—but you're putting yourself at risk of dehydration-induced headaches, fatigue, and more. Here’s help.

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Going Low Carb? It Might Shorten Your Life Span

If you’ve sworn off breads, rice, and oats you may be missing out on a huge health perk.

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Curb Cravings Around the Clock with Healthy Versions of Your Go-To Snacks

Satisfy your cravings with three delicious, nutrient-filled snack ideas that won't cause weight gain.

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