Healthy Eating
Shop for a Cause!

Fund breast cancer research and get more bang for your buck with this store's timely offer.

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The Truth About Detox Teas

Celebs like Kendall Jenner and Giuliana Rancic have preached the power of a few herbal cups a day. But can tea really cleanse your system and help you lose weight?

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Could Red Wine Give You Gorgeous Skin?

Raise your glass! This might be the breakout cure you've been waiting for.

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The Virus You Need To Know About—That's Not Ebola

Don't worry—it's not as scary, but it's much easier to catch.

14 Super Smoothie Boosters

Add these ingredients to your blended bevvies to kick up your energy, promote relaxation, and fight aging.

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'You Ate It? Negate It!': Chicken Wings Edition

Before you let football season derail your hard work, consider the effort it will take to burn off those calories with these activities.

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The Top 5 Foods for Gorgeous Hair

For strong, shiny locks, add these foods into your diet today.

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'60s Fashion, Reimagined

Channel your inner-Twiggy with stylist tips for putting a contemporary spin on mod styles.

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Have You Checked Yourself Out Today?

A new video is catching (lots of) people's eyes with its unusual—and provocative—take on the traditional PSA.

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