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4 Foods We'd Like to See Taxed Besides Soda

Soda taxes got the vote during yesterday's midterm election. Here are more unhealthy snacks we'd like to see on the next ballot.

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Oatmeal Like You've Never Had It!

Try a new twist on your favorite breakfast for a delicious, filling meal you can eat any time of day.

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Does Carb-Loading Work?

Is there any truth behind pasta night before a race?

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9 Ways to Take Better Food Photos on Instagram

Rack up the Instagram likes with these drool-worthy food photography tips.

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Thrive Market Is the New Costco for Healthy Foods

An even better way to shop for better-for-you food.

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8 Carb Bombs from Around the World

Bread and soda aren't the only sugary foods! These ethnic options are so high in carbs, you may need to run a marathon to burn them off!

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226-Calorie Chicken Parm

Chef Devin Alexander shares her healthy (and much slimmer!) take on the Italian classic.

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Meet Shape's New Fitness Director

She's ready to share the latest in fitness and working out to help you get fit and healthy fast.

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The Key Rules for Cold-Weather Weight Loss

Two simple guidelines could help you lose weight as the days get shorter and shorter.

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