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The Truth About Alkaline Water's Benefits

We know the alkaline diet is bogus, but what about alkaline water?

You Can Make Bacon Out of Mushrooms (Really!)

Plus other cool new ways to use 'shrooms.

Cheers To This: It's Safe to Finish a Run With a Beer

New research shows that a post-run pub run isn't so harmful after all.

Is It Better to Live Near Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods?

You love them both, but one's actually be better for your financial future.

The Best and Worst Foods for Flat Abs

Find out which foods are making (or breaking) your six-pack abs.

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Update Your Chicken Salad

Lunch just got a little less boring.

Chili Tofu

Pair it with rice for a full meal that will your make your tastebuds and waistline happy.

Can Kale Be Poisonous?

No, but cabbage, apples, rhubarb, and these other healthy foods do contain bad-for-you toxins.