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How to Do the Goop Detox Diet on a Budget

Love Gwyneth Paltrow's recipes, but hate the complicated, expensive ingredients list? Here, 5 wallet-friendly alternatives.

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12 Easy Nutrition Upgrades to Make Your Diet Even Better

You're all about healthy snacks and meals, but nutrition experts say these small tweaks will seriously up your nutrient intake.

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New Wave of Superfoods

The kale and quinoa bandwagons are a bit crowded. Here, experts name 10 under-the-radar foods that will be big in 2015.

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A Healthy Take on Lasagna

A twist on the old-school comfort food dish, with kale, spinach, and arugula.

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Veggie-Filled Pot Pies

Hearty yet flaky, this delicious vegetable-filled pot pie is the perfect winter comfort dish.

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Grab a Cracker! Atkins Diet Loosens No-Carb Restrictions

Now you can have your bacon and eggs on toast again

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Easy Veggie Ramen

Try this veggie-packed noodle soup for a delicious and hearty winter meal.

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10 Healthy Recipes for Yummy Breakfast Bowls

These beautiful dishes are good for you and easy to make—a foolproof way to start your morning.

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Health Food Buzzwords That Don’t Mean Much

Marketers have been misleading consumers with these food labels.

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