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10 Healthy Food Power Couples

Bey and Jay aren't the only power couple on the block! Get more nutritional bang for your buck by pairing good-for-you foods.

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Crispy Mushrooms

These savory bites make for the perfect snack or side dish.

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You'll Never Believe What This Dairy-Free Alfredo Sauce Is Made From

Our lighter version of this calorie-rich pasta dish weighs in at only 300 calories—and it's just as delicious as the original!

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Farro Risotto & Roasted Butternut Squash

By swapping rice for farro, you get a creamier, nuttier risotto that's only 200 calories a cup.

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Homemade Calzone

While most calzones rack up hundreds of calories, this recipe lets you enjoy the cheesy goodness for just under 200.

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Puffed Kamut Energy Bars

Why buy energy bars when you can bake this tasty recipe at home?

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Food Bloggers' Best Coconut Oil Recipes

We rounded up the tastiest recipes in the blogosphere so you can reap the benefits of this trendy ingredient.

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The Junk Food Hangover—Explained!

We're sure you've felt the effects of a cheat day the morning after. We asked experts how to outsmart the bloat, headaches, and brain fog.

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Does Cooking Fatty Foods Tack on Extra Calories?

Research shows heating things up can change nutritional information—our expert weighs in.

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