Healthy Eating
Coconut Cranberry Breakfast Cookies

Nix the muffins in favor of sweet, gluten-free bites that make for a wholesome morning meal.

Saucy Low-Cal Chicken Cacciatore

Cook this saucy, Italian-style chicken dish tonight for a protein-packed meal that tastes just as good when you reheat it.

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Farro and White Bean Veggie Burger

These savory, homemade veggie burgers are leaps and bounds above frozen varieties when it comes to taste, and they’re not as hard to make as you think!

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7 Upsides to Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

This buzzy food trend boasts tons of health benefits.

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Why Low-fat Ice Cream Just Doesn't Cut It

Science says your taste buds do know the difference.

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The Absolute Best Thing to Eat After a Workout

All protein snacks are not created equal. Eat the ones with this amino acid for best hot-body results.

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Kale Minestrone Soup

Next time the temperature drops, serve up this hearty, veggie-loaded soup full of cheesy goodness.

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Why Food Sustainability Should Matter to You

Love that satisfied feeling of eating your daily fruits and veggies? See what's making those healthy habits harder to maintain.

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5 New Vegetable Juices and Fruit Blends We Love

These healthy drinks won't run your bank account dry.

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