Healthy Eating
Why Whole Foods' Responsibly Grown Program Is Making Some Farmers Angry

The market's rating system is supposed to help you understand the quality of produce better—but why do some farmers have beef with the program?

Why 2018 Will Be the Best Year for Healthy Eating

You can finally PHO-get about those FrankenFats! As of 2018, the FDA will make sure trans fat doesn't make its way into processed foods again.

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The Right Way to Eat Sushi

You've been using wasabi all wrong.

Are Juice Shots a Boost or a Bust?

Popular juice and smoothie companies are selling tiny boosters that they claim pack heaps of vitamins into a single ounce of liquid. But can one shot really do the trick?

Chocolate Nut Butter Spinach Smoothie

Jack up your morning protein intake with this energy-boosting smoothie recipe.

Peach Oatmeal Griddle Cakes with Whipped Ricotta Topping

A sweet, fruity breakfast that’s worth waking up for.

How Many Green Juices Is Too Many?

There may be juice and smoothie stands on nearly every corner, but you actually can overdo it. Find out how to tell when you're in need of some good, hard food.

Pinto Bean Tofu Breakfast Rancheros

A delicious way for vegans to increase their protein intake.

Almond Breakfast Porridge

This on-the-go breakfast will keep you full until lunch.