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The 9 Biggest Nutrition Trends of 2015

Kale is out, fat is in. Find out what else food bloggers predict for 2015.

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9 Things You Might Not Know About Champagne

Get ready for New Year’s Eve with this guide on how to pick a bottle, the difference between sparkling wine and champagne, and, of course, the best bubblys for under $20.

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How to Pop a Bottle of Champagne Like a Pro

This super simple trick is a must-see before tonight's festivities.

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Beyond Easy Homemade Fortune Cookies

These crispy, crunchy (personalized!) fortune cookies require just three ingredients.

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This Is What You Should Be Eating on New Year's Day

8 healthy and delicious recipes that will make you want to skip a restaurant brunch and get cooking.

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7 Low-Cal Cocktails for New Year's Eve

Save your vodka-sodas for another night.

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Why Do Most Vegetarians Go Back to Eating Meat?

A new survey finds that only 10 percent of people actually stick to a vegetarian diet.

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The Better-Than-Takeout Thai Veggie Salad to Make Tonight

Swap your go-to greens for crunchy veggies in this Thai-inspired salad with a creamy peanut dressing.

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How to Roll the Perfect Wrap

A foolproof cooking hack that will ensure your wrap never falls apart again.

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