Healthy Holiday Boozing Tips—from Your Bartender

Hear them out! Their advice can help you survive any upcoming parties on your iCal.

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Ditch the Tights This Winter

The cruelest reality of holiday dressing? Wearing skirts in the dead of winter. Find out how to deal.

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Yoga is Good for More Than Just a Stretch

So say Harvard University researchers. Discover how the practice can boost your brain, sex life, immunity, and more

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“Red Flag” Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

If you’re like 98 percent of adults, you’d brush off the 10 top warning signs of cancer. Would you recognize these other scary symptoms?

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4 Holiday-Related Beauty Blunders—Fixed!

Too much travel, too little sleep, and way too much junk food. Don't let your skin show it!

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Single during the Holidays? This Buzzfeed Video Gets It

It's not showing up solo that sucks—it's your family's reaction to your single status.

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10 Topics to Avoid at the Holiday Table

Global warming, Bill Cosby, and other subjects you should steer clear of at all costs.

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Go Ahead, Have that Glass of Red

There's now science to support what you already knew—that red wine can lower your stress levels.

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