Add 10 Years to Your Life

4 simple habits can help you maintain an active and healthy lifestyle well into your senior years.

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Introducing: The Birth Control of the Future

Remembering the Pill could soon be a problem of yesteryear if this (remote control!) gadget comes into existence.

Eve’s Poison May Boost Sexual Pleasure

New research gives a great reason to bite into an apple a day.

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Net-a-Porter Launches Luxury Activewear Site

These photos of the gorgeous apparel will make you want to take up a new sport just for an excuse to buy the gear!

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J. Crew Now Offers Size 000

Despite America's growing waistlines, the popular retailer just introduced an ever-smaller size.

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Your Brain On: Binge Watching TV

Where your mind goes when you indulge in episode after episode of Orange Is the New Black.

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Cutting Calories Isn’t Enough to Fight Obesity

You’ve also gotta move, new research says.

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Show Us Your Fit-Inspired Instagram Pics

Share a fit or healthy photo and you could win amazing prizes.