5 Weird Traits You Inherit

Bad hangovers? Conservative viewpoints? Blame your ’rents.

What Exactly Is in a Pumpkin Spice Latte?

Not what you’d think! Plus why thank-you letters can boost your reputation, a revolutionary selfie app, and more news.

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Your Brain On: A First Kiss

Here’s what happens in your head when you first lock lips with a new crush.

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Why Is It So Hard to Make Friends as an Adult?

As your friends—and you—move, change jobs, marry, and have kids, your circle can shrink. But follow these tips, and you’ll soon have a strong network of BFFs you can trust.

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Why Certain Women Orgasm More Than Others

And their secrets!

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8 Life Shake-Ups, Solved

Experts share their best advice for coping with transitions from marriage to moving so you can grow from—and not fear—these major milestones.

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It’s Officially Okay to Pee in the Ocean

Finally, science has an answer for summer's most pressing concern.

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#AskHerMore: Questions We Wish Female Celebs Were Asked at the Emmy's

The movement that's causing a stir on Twitter and making us think twice about sexism on the red carpet.

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