Exactly How to Answer The Question "Why Don't You Have Kids?"

Because you know someone in your family is going to bring it up at the holiday table.


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How to Keep Lipstick Off Your Teeth

This 2-second trick is a life saver for any lipstick lover.

3 Lessons Grandma Can Teach You About Sex

What sounds awkward may actually be enlightening. Older generations of women can teach you a lot about love, relationships, and especially sex!

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Yes, Retail Therapy Is Real (and Good for You!)

Shop smart and you could get mood-boosting benefits.

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The Surprising Benefits of Worrying

Good news for worriers! Find out why science says a stressed-out mind isn't always a bad thing.

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What Happens When a Plus-Size Woman Asks to Be Photoshopped "Beautiful?"

The answer may (pleasantly!) surprise you.

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Sick After Flying? The Reason Might Surprise You

Your sniffling seatmate isn’t the only thing to watch out for on your next flight

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The Truth About PMS, Weight Gain, and "Fat Days"

Relax, monthly weight changes are totally normal—it's worrying about them that can hurt you.

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