Going Blind and Deaf, One Woman Turns to Spinning

Cycling instructor Rebecca Alexander uses fitness to face a debilitating condition with remarkable courage and strength.

Is Woman's Best Friend the Next Cancer Screening?

Dogs are known for having super sensitive noses, and some docs say they could sniff out ovarian cancer.

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7 Must-Have Fall Running Accessories

The gear you need—beyond just your clothes and sneakers.

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My Birth Control Pill Almost Killed Me

How one woman’s experience will make you want to re-read the label on your birth control pill.

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This App Could Make You Happier

Sunday night blues? New technology from the creators of Happyness could be your answer.

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7 Not-So-Obvious Signs He’s a Jerk

Is his nice guy thing all an act?

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6 Big Fitness Moments at Fashion Week

It's not all about high heels and designer clothes. We rounded up our favorite active things from NYFW.

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Is That Pair of Sunglasses Worth It?

You may not have to break the bank for the perfect shades. Here, an optometrist tells us what to look for—besides a price tag—to keep your peepers healthy.

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