Do You Suffer from "Precrastination"?

Experts are saying that pre not procrastination is a growing problem. What is it and how do you know if you're afflicted?

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11 Coffee Stats You Never Knew

Enjoy your morning energy boost—guilt free!

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The Worst Kind of Multitasking

Look familiar? Read this (and stop doing everything else!).

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The Best Exercise to Help Relieve Cramps

PMSing? Head to the gym and do this.

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Classy Ways to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots

Julia Roberts may have given thigh highs a bad rep, but we'll show you how to rock this trend—and look totally classy doing it.

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9 Surprising Ways to Masturbate

Find the style that best suits you.

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Science Makes a Huge Step Toward Gender Equality

Finally, progress toward tackling the huge gender bias in scientific studies.

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