This App Could Make You Happier

Sunday night blues? New technology from the creators of Happyness could be your answer.

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7 Not-So-Obvious Signs He’s a Jerk

Is his nice guy thing all an act?

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6 Big Fitness Moments at Fashion Week

It's not all about high heels and designer clothes. We rounded up our favorite active things from NYFW.

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Is That Pair of Sunglasses Worth It?

You may not have to break the bank for the perfect shades. Here, an optometrist tells us what to look for—besides a price tag—to keep your peepers healthy.

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Male Birth Control Is on Its Way: But Will It Work?

We've been thisclose to functional male birth control for 30 years now. What's taking so long? One expert breaks down the science.

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Marc Jacobs Models Walk with No Makeup

Real natural beauty reaches the runway.

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Overcome Age Obsession

Young people accomplishing big things is awesome—and anxiety-provoking. Here, how to take the focus off of just how old everyone is.

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The New Benefit of Mindfulness

You know it's a stress reliever, but research out today shows that a little peace and quiet presents even more perks than keeping you calm.

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