The Crazy Thing That Leads to 1/3 of Marriages

A new survey finds a surprising start to the path down the aisle for many couples.

The 20 Most Important Hormones for Your Health

Build a healthier, stronger, and sexier you by getting to know your body's chemical messengers.

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10 Secrets from Successful Modern Families

It doesn't matter what size or shape yours is—these tips ring true for any family.

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5 Luxe Vibrators Worth the Price Tag

You spend money on organic produce and workout apparel, but experts say that it's time to invest in your sex life too.

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The Big Problem with Bad News

What happens when your TV, Twitter feed, and computer consist of sad stories and media reports of death, destruction, and upheaval?

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Women Are Looked Down Upon More Than Men When It Comes to Work-Life Balance

Studies still show working dads have it easier than professional moms. Here, how you can spend more time with the kids without compromising your career.

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The No. 1 Reason Women Cheat

A study reveals what exactly leads to affairs.

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What Your Dreams Reveal About Your Identity

New research shows that people who experience this type of dream have a serious advantage during waking hours. The best part: You can steal their sleeping ways.

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