Easy ways to love your body, reach your goals, and feel happier every single day.

Love Your Body

1. Show off, in style.
Lost weight but need to drop a few more pounds? It makes sense to wait until you reach your goal to buy a whole new wardrobe, but do invest in a few fabulous pieces that fit you right now. When your clothes fit well, your progress starts to show--and that has the power to foster self-confidence and keep you motivated to continue working out and eating healthy.

2. See your good side.
Instead of zeroing in on your trouble zones when you look in the mirror, consciously shift your attention to body parts you may rarely think about--like your beautiful eyebrows, mouth, shoulders and hands. Then take a minute to describe them--out loud--in positive terms. This helps you get a more complete picture of your attributes and gives your body image an instant boost.

3. Stop watching the workout clock.
When you're using any cardio machine (treadmill, bike, elliptical trainer), put a towel over the display screen so you can concentrate on how exercise makes you feel terrific rather than on how long you've been working out or on how many miles you've got left. You'll have a better appreciation for what your body can do if you're not caught up in the numbers.

4. Find realistic role models.
Ask women you know for real-life advice on coping with stress, losing weight and juggling work and family. Seeing what helps the people around you will give you ideas for simple strategies that can also work for you.

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