Be Happy

5. Set simple, but doable, priorities.
Attempting to accomplish everything perfectly is impossible--and leads to a sense of failure and unhappiness. Instead, trim your to-do list so you can focus your efforts on the things that are most important to you today.

6. Strike the right balance.
Too busy trying to be a good friend, spouse, mother, daughter, neighbor and employee that you neglect your own needs? Put your well-being first by doing something for you--even if that means just getting a manicure to pamper yourself--at least once a week.

7. Give your life meaning.
Sound lofty? Maybe not. Research at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro found that people who have a sense of purpose are much happier in the long run. To create a vision of what's meaningful to you, ask yourself what excites you and what goals matter most.

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