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From choosing the best brush to coloring your hair on a budget, Robert Vetica shares practical beauty tips that make your hair look terrific.

7. Pick the best brush
I have tried just about everything out there to get rid of static— and feel strongly that boar bristle hair brushes are the best at detangling and boosting shine without inducing flyaways. But the catch is that these brushes can be costly. The perfect compromise? Choose one of the boar bristle hair brushes that combines natural and synthetic bristles for all the gleam minus the price.

8. Color your do on the cheap
I'll let you in on a big secret: If you're on a tight budget, do a little research and find a beauty school near you (go online or look in the yellow pages under "cosmetology"). On Fridays and Saturdays, the students usually run a salon, and for a small fee they will color your hair. Even though a student is applying the dye, she is being watched over by an experienced teacher. It's a win-win situation: The students get the training, you get the discount!

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9. Fix wayward strands
Got a strong cowlick or part? Once you've styled your whole do, go back to the section that's misbehaving and run a drop of gel through it (any level of hold will do). Then brush the area to the side you'd like it to gravitate toward and blast with a hair dryer.

10. Avoid a "blow-fry"
If you have a dryer with a metal nozzle, be careful not to touch your hair with that thing! It can get really, really hot and do damage to your hair. Use the nozzle only to direct heat, and opt for a dryer with a plastic attachment.

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