5 Makeup Tricks to Transform Your Look

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5 Makeup Tricks to Transform Your Look

Just as you transition your wardrobe from summer to fall (You wouldn't wear spaghetti straps in October, right?), the same should be done with your cosmetics. What Not to Wear's resident makeup artist Carmindy offers her tips on how to update your look—without spending big bucks.


Celebrity Beauty Trick: Experiment with New Shades

Updating your color palette is the easiest way to freshen your look. "Coral is the hottest shade right now—and the most universally flattering," says Carmindy. Trust us—the latest shades are not your grandmother's coral! If you only want to invest in one new product this season, make it a sheer coral lipstick.


Celebrity Beauty Trick: Update Your Foundation

Show off your skin this season. Heavy, cakey, and powered foundations are a thing of the past. It's all about sheer formulas that allow your natural texture—freckles and all—to come through. "Light airbrushed spray foundations are really big and help you create a dewy, fresh look," adds Carmindy.


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