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Accessory Essentials

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Accessory Essentials

Our secret: shop in the men's department. A classic men's belt adds flair to even the most casual pair of jeans and works beautifully with a more tailored pant. (Take the pants with you when you shop to make sure the belt fits through the loops.) Choose a plain leather band in black or chocolate with a midsize buckle. A large buckle only works if you're petite; a smaller buckle is better if you're fuller on top.

When belting dresses and long sweaters, choose a belt that's wide enough to accentuate the narrowing of your waist, but not so thick that it shortens your torso  and makes you look heavier. If you're large-busted, opt for a slightly slimmer belt—no more than 3 inches wide—worn just below the natural waistline.  Whatever your body type, avoid wearing a wide belt over a thick, bulky sweater; instead pair it with sheerer, lightweight fabrics.

Bras (Strapless)
Finding that perfect, pinch-free strapless doesn't have to push you over the edge. Most women think they need a tighter band to keep a strapless bra in place, but the band should be the same size as your regular bra. Straps simply anchor the bra; breast support comes from the underwire or under-cup support panels. To be sure you're wearing the right size, ask a fit specialist in the lingerie department to measure you. (Seven out of 10 women wear the wrong size bra!) Then turn the bra inside out and look for a stay-there power band that hugs the body. Another common strapless problem: color. If your top is black, pick a black bra; otherwise, the rule of thumb is to match the bra to your skin tone.

Accessorize your evening wardrobe with a sleek, compact bag that's just big enough to hold your keys, cash and cell phone.

Not just for reading anymore, eyeglasses have become a true style statement, instantly transforming your features, your outfit, and your image. Find your perfect frames.

Shades like chocolate or nude are fresher and more modern-looking than traditional black. Wear them with a fuller skirt for added shape and texture. Or try wearing an eggplant or chocolate hue with knee-high boots—nothing's sexier than a hint of hose above the knee. Pair a slim pencil skirt and a simple black shirt with bright opaque tights in any color; overlay with large-diamond fishnets in black for a playful twist.


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