Whether you change your hair color as frequently as Emma Stone or have never even added highlights, it’s important to consider shade of your tresses when you reach for makeup.

 “Changing your hair color alters the way light absorbs and deflects around your face,” says Alexa Prisco, star of The Glam Fairy. Which means your bright and sunny summer makeup look could leave you looking a little washed out if you dye your hair come fall, especially since skin tones naturally change as tans fade (unless your golden skin comes bottled).

First, whenever you tint your locks, don’t forget about your brows. Dying isn’t necessary—just be sure to update your brow pencil color, says celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff. If you’re a shadow girl, use a small angled brush to apply color where your brows are sparse, Prisco says. As for the shade, brows on brunettes should be three steps lighter than their hair, while blondes should use a color three shades darker. Redheads look best with a color that’s close but not exact, such as a brownish auburn shadow, and if your locks are black, use a shadow that matches your hair as close as possible.

And now for the rest of your makeup…

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