Change Your Look--Instantly

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Change Your Look

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Change Your Look--Instantly
Change Your Look--Instantly -2

Instant makeover: Hair

1. Treat yourself to a blowout
Try visiting a new stylist. Everyone styles hair differently, and a blow-dry session with a different stylist will make you look like you have a whole new 'do—and boost your mood.

2. Add wash-out color to your hair
Give strands confidence-boosting flashes of color with wash-in, wash-out, shimmering hair gels. Even something as simple as an extra hint of color can really change your look.

3. Book yourself a trim
Trimming ragged edges gives hair a more defined shape and creates angles around the face. Book a trim every six to eight weeks, even if you don't want to radically change your look, it's important to remove damaged ends.

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