Change Your Look--Instantly

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Change Your Look

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Change Your Look--Instantly
Change Your Look--Instantly -2

Instant makeover: Body

1. Choose smooth, sexy legs
While lunges can tone your legs, the right creams can make them silky-smooth. Get results from skin firming lotions. Some contain active copper—a natural skin-firming mineral—which manufacturer studies show helps achieve firmer skin in weeks.
2. Resolve to improve your nails
Julie Serquinia, owner of Paint Shop Beverly Hills nail spa, suggests a daily massage with a moisturizing hand cream. Try a hand treatment with a mix of the ultra-moisturizers shea butter, vitamin E and soy. These ingredients help shield nails from moisture loss and pamper dry cuticles.

3. Focus on your backside
Creams will never replace exercise and diet for body contouring, but a contouring cream with caffeine (to help temporarily plump skin) and botanicals can help promote smoother skin and change your look in 28 days.

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