If you think thin is in, think again. There’s a whole movement towards curvy-girl confidence and feeling great about the skin that you’re in. While the average size in America is a size 14, most brands and designer are still catering to the size zero set. Until now. Plus-size style blogger Gabi Fresh recently made headlines when she posted pics of herself in a bathing suit that she termed a ‘Fatkini’ and got an overwhelming response.

Meanwhile, Devoe Signature Events’ Fourth Annual Full Figured Fashion Week™ just wrapped up in New York City, and similar events are popping up around the country in places like New Jersey and LA. It’s a chance to highlight clothing styles and trends for fuller-figured women by brands such as Sonsi.com, BarePlus.com, and Playtex, as well as empower women with curves to love their bodies just the way they are.

We went to 10 women who work in the plus-size fashion industry and asked them ‘what they love about their bodies.’ Here’s what they had to say!

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