Essential Skincare Tips

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Essential Skincare

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Essential Skincare Tips

1. Use the right cleanser. Wash your face no more than twice daily. Use body washes with vitamin E to keep skin soft.

2. Exfoliate 2-3 times weekly. Gently scrubbing off dead skin helps fresh cells shine through (making skin more radiant).

3. Moisturize regularly. After showering, slather on moisturizer with hydrating ingredients like shea butter, milk or jojoba oil. Also look for the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, which help protect skin from environmental pollutants

4. Get sea worthy. Packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins, seaweed, sea mud and sea salt can do everything from help clear up acne to add luster to the hair. Products containing sea ingredients, while having the ability to exfoliate and smooth the skin, also contain vitamins and antioxidants that may help quell skin-damaging free radicals.
For dry skin, rub the salts in gentle circular strokes, avoiding the face and any open sores or cuts (salt stings wounds). And since sea salts can be abrasive, also avoid them if you have sensitive skin.
To combat breakouts caused by clogged pores use a cleanser and toner a.m. and p.m. that contains sea ingredients, followed by a light moisturizer with marine-sourced collagen and elastin.  A sea-mud mask, used two to three times weekly, can also help.

5. Never use the same product year-round. Skin is a living organ that's constantly affected by everything from hormones to humidity. Opt for a moisturizing cleanser in the winter when skin is drier and normal-to-oily formulations in the summer.

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