Get Salon-worthy Color at Home

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Get Salon-worthy Color at Home


Wash, then wait
You don’t want hair to be too dirty or too clean. “The oils on your scalp protect it from irritating chemicals,” says Amy Tuszynski, a colorist at Primp Salon in Las Vegas. “But having excessively oily strands can also make your natural color appear darker, which may cause you to choose the wrong shade.” To get the results you want, shampoo strands 24 hours before DIY-ing. 

Prep properly
Set out your supplies: a hand mirror, cotton swabs to wipe away drips, and a wide-tooth comb for even application. Also, wear an old shirt and remove the rugs from your bathroom floor. 

Protect skin 
“Coat your ears and the area along your hairline with a moisturizer to keep dry skin from soaking up the dye like a sponge,” says Rodriguez. “Then top it off with petroleum jelly to repel the color.” Also, have some lemon juice around, adds Bodt: “If you do accidentally stain your skin, dip a washcloth in it and rub in a circular motion until the pigment disappears.” 

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