Get Salon-worthy Color at Home

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Get Salon-worthy Color at Home


Divide and conquer 
Section out an inch along your entire hairline and clip it off to the side, says Bodt.“Tackling that area last prevents the baby hairs from soaking up too much color, leaving a darker ‘halo’ around your face.” 

Tend to regrowth 
Use a root touch-up kit for quick and easy coverage. Or, take an unopened box of color you already have and apply it to the area in need; then douse the rest of your tresses with water and coat them with conditioner. This prevents the more-porous ends from grabbing excess dye as you rinse. To avoid that telltale line of demarcation, use this trick every other time you dye, combing it through only during the last five minutes of processing. 

Massage it in 
“Make sure to work the formula into your hair from root to mid-shaft to ensure even results,” says Bodt. “This is especially important for curlier types, who need to saturate their strands by rubbing the mixture diligently into the bends and coils of each spiral.” 

Take in the rear view 
Can’t enlist a friend’s help? Use a hand mirror to see what’s going on in back. 

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