Guide to Getting Groomed and Glowing for Winter

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Guide to Getting Groomed and Glowing for Winter

SHAPE: What about sun protection during the winter?

CB: You should be wearing a minimum SPF of 30 all year round. Most moisturizers and makeup have SPF in them.

SHAPE: Now to grooming and hair removal. What are some recommendations?

CB: Laser hair removal can be done year round and after several treatments, is permanent. Winter is a good time for laser because you are not worrying as much about sun exposure (which can affect the laser). Although you can laser tanned skin, there are guidelines. You need to keep the area you are treating out of the sun one week before
 and one week after to avoid any adverse reactions.

SHAPE: What about hair and nails… any moisturizing tips?

CB: Leave-in treatments are good to do a couple times of week, as your hair is seeking moisture just like your skin. For nails, cuticle oil can be applied daily and will help prevent your cuticles from drying and peeling.

SHAPE: I know Completely Bare does eyebrow grooming and waxing as well. What's this season's hot eyebrow shape?

CB: Fuller eyebrows with a natural arch. I also like a brow-enhancing product like RevitaBrow which utilizes peptides to strengthen and condition brows, making them look thicker and fuller. Don't be afraid to fill them in either! My eyebrow pencil is my best friend.


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