Tired of spending time and money achieving the perfect hue, only to watch it quickly fade away? Here, top hair colorists give us shade-specific plans that promise to keep your color looking vibrant longer.

Brilliant Blonde Hair Color: Keep it Longer
Sun and chlorine do a job on blond hair color, giving them an orange or green cast, says Rachel Bodt, senior colorist at NYC’s Cutler Salon. Blondes also have to deal with dry, dull strands—the result of overexposure to color-stripping chemicals. Keeping your blonde hair color gorgeous means doing these things:

Use a deep conditioner the day before coloring
This coats porous blonde hair (think: filling potholes on a road), allowing it to take color evenly, says Rita Hazan, owner of NYC’s Rita Hazan Salon. Try Ojon Revitalizing 2-Minute Hair Mask ($34; ojon.com).

Attach a water purifier to your showerhead This stops chemicals found in tap water, like chlorine and copper, from altering blonde hair color.

Pick up a purple shampoo
The royal hue cancels out yellow and orange tones blondes can get from sun exposure, says Bodt. Try Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo (Blonde & Silver) ($17; amazon.com).

Quench thirsty strands
Hydrate your hair, from roots to ends, every time you shampoo. One we recommend: Ion Color Defense After-Color Sealer ($6; sallybeauty.com). You can also revive dull, dry strands by applying a moisturizing serum, such as Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Smooth & Shine Capsules ($8; avon.com) with coconut oil, from mid-shaft to ends.

Build body
"Constantly bleaching your hair can remove multiple cuticle layers from the hair shaft, causing it to become thinner over time," says Hazan. To instantly boost thickness, use a volumizer like John Frieda Luxurious Volume Bountiful Body Mousse ($6; at johnfrieda.com). For a long-term solution, condition frequently to keep the layers of the hair shaft healthy. Coloring your hair less often helps pump up volume too. Styling it right can keep hair healthy, too. Try these techniques.

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