7. Update your styling arsenal. Heavy, sticky mousses and gels are great at creating volume and slick styles, respectively, but the new styling aids out there are lighter and at least as effective. Look for products that promise the style you're hoping to create (key words are curling, straightening, shine, hold) such as Clinique Defined Curls, Redken Straight, Terax TeraGloss and Physique Styling Spray.

A sure-fire way to find the right ones is to ask your stylist for her picks. Though her "prescription" may cost a bit more, you could end up spending less money if you hit on something that really works.

Finally, don't be sold on the notion that you need one product for the roots, one for the shaft and another for the ends. The latest innovations, like straightening balms, volumizing sprays and smoothing serums, are designed to be used -- sparingly -- all over.

8. End a bum stylist/colorist "relationship." Industry experts will tell you that a long relationship with a hair specialist will yield the best results (he or she has the chance to get to know you and your hair intimately).

But even if your stylist has more women trying to get his attention than Warren Beatty in "Shampoo," you should feel listened to and cared for. If not, dump him. Find someone whose hair you love and ask her who she's going to. Then schedule a consultation (most stylists and colorists offer them for free) and come armed with photos of what you think would look great on you. Visual aids can really save the day when everyone seems to have a different definition of words like "short," "blond" and "just a trim."

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