Every time we visit the beach, it's like another debut of our hard-earned bikini bodies—which can be unnerving, even if you've been putting in extra time at the gym. But it doesn't have to be! As someone who needs to be ready to rock a teeny bikini at a moment's notice, I've learned a few last-minute tricks to guarantee that I look and feel my best.

These last-ditch bikini prep tips take little time and even less effort, but they'll leave you feeling strong, confident, and sexy when your toes hit the sand. Pick the ones that apply to you the most, or use them all! It's my foolproof plan for looking fabulous at a pool party, boat trip, or just a day at the beach with friends. 

A cute outfit doesn't hurt, either! Here are 30 Sexy Swimsuits Built for Action when you plan on being active. If your lower-half is your concern, consider this guide to finding The Most Flattering Bikini Bottom for Your Butt.

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