6 Put on heels with pants. They'll make you stand straighter while lifting your butt and elongating your legs. Creative director Holly Dunlap of Hollywould recommends a pointed toe over a round toe for the best results: "Match the shade of the shoe and pants as close as possible. This draws the eye from the point of the toe to the torso, creating a seamless silhouette."

7 Wear vertical lines. They lengthen your figure because the eye naturally follows the pattern, making you look taller and thinner. But don't overdo it. Varying widths and colors can be distracting, not slimming. The best bets? Try a turtleneck under a striped dress in a basic shape, or pin-striped pants paired with a blouse in a solid color.

8 Accessorize with long necklaces. Bold or layered chains that fall from midchest to your waist pull the eye downward, making you appear more trim, says L.A. jewelry designer Chan Luu.

9 Hem your skirt to the perfect length. It should fall just above or just below your knee, emphasizing where your leg tapers between your thigh and your calf. Midthigh skirts draw attention to the thickest part of your leg, while ultra-long skirts can look frumpy.

10 Choose clothes that fit just right. Sounds obvious, but if your self-confidence is flagging, it's easy to dress in baggy outfits that only add volume, and too-tight pieces are unforgiving of even the slightest bump. Trust us: The proper fit will automatically boost your confidence--and your style.

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