Look Beautiful in 3 Easy Steps

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Look Beautiful in 3 Easy Steps

Fake Fuller Lips
1. Lightly dab a concealer that's a shade lighter than your complexion around your lips "to create the illusion that your pout really stands out," says Petra Strand, the founder of Pixi cosmetics.
2. Use a liner that mimics your natural lip tone, then fill in your lips with a matching stain.
3. Slick on sheer gloss with a hint of shimmer to add depth and dimension to your mouth.

Master Fake Lashes
1. Start with a full strip of lashes and cut them in half. Having extra-long, thick lashes near your tear ducts doesn't look natural since "most people have lengthier, more voluminous fringe at their outer corners," says Mally Roncal, a celebrity makeup artist and the founder of Mally Beauty.
2. Apply a thin line of adhesive to the edge of the lash strip; let it dry for 10 seconds—it should feel tacky, not wet. Then, using tweezers, press the strip right above your lash line, from the outer corner to the center. Apply pressure with your finger and try to avoid blinking for about a minute or until lashes feel secure.
3. Draw on a stripe of black eyeliner at the base of your upper lashes to hide the edge of the strip. Finish with two coats of black mascara to blend any lines of demarcation between the faux and real fringe.

Get Beachy Waves
1. Shampoo hair at night and let it air-dry. When you wake up, spritz your whole head with a salt spray and scrunch. (If you have curly hair, straighten it with a flat iron first, then mist with the salt spray to loosen your natural curl a bit.)
2. Wrap randomly selected strands around a one-inch curling iron to give waves staying power. "Hold it vertically against your head so you get the perfect spiral," says Linda Flowers, a celebrity hairstylist in Los Angeles.
3. Finish with a texturizing spray to make hair look more rough-and-tumble than red carpet–ready.

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