Make Over Your Closet

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Make Over Your Closet

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Make Over Your Closet

Step 1. Figure out your budget
You can spend next to nothing or several thousand dollars redoing your clothing corner. Using the ideas found here, you can pull off a DIY makeover for less than $500. But if you think this whole closet-rehab job will just add to your stress, outsource it. Depending on closet size, expect to spend anywhere from $500 using an organizational system to $15,000 and up for a custom designed space.

Step 2. Get out the tape measure
The amount of clothing you own has to be determined by the space that exists in your closet. Start by pulling everything out—separate shoes and different types of clothing (pants, suits, formal wear, you name it)—then measure the length, height, and depth of the space you have. (This may seem time consuming, but it's better to spend two hours on a rainy weekend than 20 minutes every day rummaging through your clothes.) Take the dimensions with you to purchase shelf dividers, hanging racks, and more (see step three). General rule of thumb: You can fit approximately 12 pairs of pants, 15 shirts, or six jackets or suits into each 1-foot span.

Step 3. Make the most of every inch
The overarching theme when organizing your closet should be "everything in its place." These tools will help you get there.

A DRESSER OR HANGING ROD These will help you take advantage of that dead space under shorter garments. Store folded tops and sweaters in a dresser or put short items on a double-hang closet rod, which slips over the existing bar—no power drill required.

A HANGING SWEATER BAG This is another option for folded clothes and usually takes up very little closet space.

SHELF DIVIDERS In most closets, shelf space is at a premium. Dividers keep towering stacks of clothes in place.

A PURSE CADDY Give your bags their own home with a purse organizer.

HOOKS Hang some on the back of your closet door or on a wall and loop scarves and belts on them.

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