Natural Leaders

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Natural Leaders
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Minimalist guru
Mary Tkach, executive director of environmental sustainability for Aveda Rebecca James Gadberry's Beautifying Advice

Mary Tkach's Tips for Healthy Beauty

Delve into the origins of the beauty products you choose.
Tkach's love of particular products is closely tied to the relationships she's formed: "For the company and for me personally, I can't help but care deeply about the indigenous people once I've met them." In her shower, Tkach uses Aveda Shampure Shampoo ($9; aveda.com) with its blend of aromatherapy essences. "I love the aroma, which is a mix of lavender and orange, but I choose this product because it contains babassu and I think about the people I've met in Brazil whenever I use it," she says.

Surround yourself with the friends and people in your life who make you happy.
Being happy radiates outward and can make you more beautiful, says Tkach.

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