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Natural Leaders
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Holistic herbalist
Barbara Close, founder of Naturopathica skin care and Naturopathica Holistic Health Spa

Barbara Close's Healthy-Living Tips

Take a break to make tea.
"It's the perfect five-minute escape," says Close, who maintains a window box where she grows lemon balm, verbena and geranium -- herbs known for their calming properties. When she wants to relax, she picks some leaves from each plant and makes her own herbal brew.

Give your skin a massage.
Whenever Close has 10 minutes, she treats her clean facial skin to a gentle steam bath by hovering over a bowl of steamy hot water, which helps clean the pores. She follows with a massage using an ounce of lightweight jojoba or sweet apricot oil plus a few drops of an essential oil. (Try lavender if you have oily skin, chamomile if your skin is dry, geranium for normal skin and neroli for an acne-prone complexion.)

Keep your skin hydrated.
Close's current favorite moisturizer from her product line is the Creme Cassis Bio Amino Replenishment Cream ($85; naturopathica.com), a concentrated, lightweight blend for all skin types with omega-3 fatty acids (which help strengthen skin's natural moisture barrier, preventing water loss) and black currant-derived hyaluronic acid (a highly effective skin humectant that binds water to skin, and in doing so, helps keeps it soft).

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